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I decided to move this novel, The Chosen to its own separate page in order to keep it straight and make it esier for people to link to it. This is just the main novel, any spin-offs I write will still be on the main fanfic page.

Book 1 "Audrea"

Those Chosen By The Planet

A crossover with the X-Files.   The day of the Project arrives. Mulder and Scully are thrown into a future where things are different, but some thungs remain the same.

Unholy Alliance

After Meteor, Mulder and Scully, Cloud and friends all just want to have a nice normal life, but  a face from the past changes all that.

Limited Wish

Audrea has a secret wish. What she, and Sephiroth, have to endure to have that wish granted is beyond their worst nightmares.

Book 2 "Selene"

Born of the Planet

On her sixteenth birthday, Selene and her friends are drawn into their first adventure, where Selene gets much more than she bargained for.

Her Father's Legacy

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