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Hmm.... Kathryn has written a number of fanfic and posted them here.  I rather like the ones about me.  <yellow glow> You will read Those Chosen by ..

When did you get that back?  <Takes Manipulate Materia> Cut that out.

Hmph.  Along with her own works, Kathryn will be linking to other pieces she enjoys, once she gets permission from the authors. 

If you have one you'd like me to look ay e-mail me at

Kathryn's Works

Those Chosen By The Planet

A crossover with the X-Files.   The day of the Project arrives. Mulder and Scully are thrown into a future where things are different, but some thungs remain the same.

Unholy Alliance

After Meteor, Mulder and Scully, Cloud and friends all just want to have a nice normal life, but  a face from the past changes all that.

Limited Wish

Audrea has a secret wish. What she, and Sephiroth, have to endure to have that wish granted is beyond their worst nightmares.

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