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Hi!  This Kathryn, and this is my new Final Fantasy VII page ... In the spirit of others, (and I thank you) I've "hired" (read shanghaied) a character to introduce my page.  Seph?

I cannot belive I am doing this. And don't call me Seph.

But you are, Sephiroth.  Now start talking, or I'll never write another fic about you again.  And I know you like when I write about you.

Yes. I do.  <Yellow Glow> And you will write more stories about me. 

Put that away. <Snatches Manipulate Materia>

All right.  Yes, you have reached Kathryn's Final Fantasy VII page.  I suggest you visit her fanfiction page, as well as viewing the rest of the information on this page. Also, she has <cough> requested <cough> that I plug her other, "real"  page.

Well done.      


Last Update: December 5, 1999




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