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Age: 16

Job: Ninja, Materia Hunter

Height: 5'2

Weapon: Giant Shiruken

Birthday: November 20

Birthplace: Wutai

Blood Type: A



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Yuffie is one of the optional characters, meaning you don't have to get her to beat the game, but I highly recommend getting Yuffie.

Yuffie comes from a long history of Ninja, and grew up in the resort town of Wutai.   When she was a child, she watched Sephiroth defeat her father, Lord Godo Kisaragi, and bring Wutai from a prosperous and thriving city to the resort town it is now.   Her one goal ... okay one of her goals, is to restore Wutai to its former glory, and she has a sneaky, secret agenda in order to accomplish this.  She is sneaky, conniving and sometime just plain mean, but she has her weaknesses, for example she gets motion sickness.  A lot.  On the boat, on the Airship, you name it.  You can also, if you're really good, date Yuffie at the Gold Saucer, near the end of Disc 1.

Yuffie is a pain at the start of the game...getting her can be hard, and requires patience, and when she springs her trap on you it is annoying, but it is worth it.   Yuffie was in my party all the way through the game, and was one of the characters I used to beat it.  Conformer, her best weapon, does massive damage, and also can morph for a LOT of damage.  I morphed a Master Tonberry with her to get another Ribbon.  Yuffie is a really good fighter too, since most of the time you can keep her in the back row and she still does the same damage.

 Getting Yuffie

Dating Yuffie


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