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Limited Wish

Chapter 9

Two days later, Audrea and Sephiroth were back at the hospital, this time to take Selene home. Audrea’s car was now equipped with a baby seat, and they’d spent two days trying to baby-proof the house. On the way out the door, Sephiroth was surprised to see Audrea slide her sword in the car. He looked at her. "I have a bad feeling, that’s all. Humor me."

He nodded, not knowing what else to say. When they arrived at the hospital, Selene was waiting for them at the nursery. Audrea picked up her daughter, holding the baby. Sephiroth laid his hand on her shoulder. "I’ll go do the paperwork. You get her ready." Audrea nodded.

About an hour later, they were carrying Selene out to the car. According to the doctors, chronologically she was only 2 weeks old, including incubation time, but physically, she was about 2 months old.

Audrea gently laid the baby in the car seat. Sephiroth sat behind the wheel. He looked at her in the mirror. "Are you happy?"

"Yes. You don’t even know."

"I think I do." Audrea climbed into the car and they drove home. As they pulled into the drive, Audrea saw a figure standing in the front yard. A man, wearing a white lab coat. "Hojo," she murmured. He’d found them a lot faster than she thought he would.

Sephiroth looked at his wife. Masamune was in the house, out of reach. Audrea gripped her sword. "I’ll take care of him. You stay here with Selene." Sephiroth nodded. What else could he do?

Audrea climbed out of the car, sword at the ready. "Hojo. I’m giving you one chance to get the hell out of here." She brought Katana up to a ready position.

"Well, my dear that’s fine. Just give me your child and I‘ll get out of here. What did you name her? Selene? That’s rather nice."

Audrea advanced on him. "Hojo. Get. Out. Of. Here." Each word was distinct, clear. Hojo held out a green orb. "Sleepel," he said, holding out the Materia.

Audrea felt the spell try to put her to sleep. She jabbed her leg with the point of her sword to stay awake. "That’s it." She swung the sword. Hojo jumped out of the way, and she chased him, dangerously, a lioness stalking her prey.

Sephiroth watched from the car, sitting in the backseat with his daughter. He was startled when the door opened. It was Cloud Strife, dragging something behind him. "We were gonna throw you a surprise party. So much for that. I’ll trade you." He held out Masamune. "I’ll take Selene into the house."

Audrea slashed at Hojo with all of her fury. She could feel that she wanted to use Nova, but she didn’t dare this close to the house. She calmed herself, and concentrated on slashing at Hojo. He laughed. "Is that all? I’d expected more from the woman I designed to be the perfect female." As Audrea watched, he mutated, growing tentacles. Audrea screamed and slashed, connecting, feeling Hojo’s blood splatter on her white blouse, run down her arms, under her hands, coating her sword. She felt warm liquid in her hair, run down her legs. Hojo screamed in pain, and that only added to her anger. Audrea slashed at the scientist, watching as he stumbled to the ground, She lunged, stabbing him through the chest, and he fell down, dead. Audrea smiled, stepped back from the body, covered in blood. She looked at the sword in her hand, and a number of thoughts ran through her head.

You enjoyed that.


Shinra Killing Machine

Created to kill.

You daughter has a killer for a mother.

Do you really think you deserve this child?

She stared at the bloody weapon in her hands, dropped the sword on the ground, stepped away, shaking. Sephiroth looked at her. "Selene is in the house. Cloud and the others are here. Are you all right?"

Audrea nodded. Sephiroth picked up her sword. "Come on, let’s get you cleaned up. They have planned a surprise party for Selene." Audrea nodded and let Sephiroth lead her into the house.

Hours later, after the party, Audrea put Selene to bed. The guestroom was now a nursery, and as she laid her daughter down, Audrea looked around, shivering. What else lay ahead for them? She kissed Selene good night and went downstairs. She went to the basement, where Sephiroth had laid her sword, rather than putting back in the scabbard covered in blood. Audrea brought it upstairs to clean it.

Sephiroth watched her polish the sword, staring at it gleaming on the floor. "What is it, Audrea?"

Audrea looked at her Katana, studied the blade. "How many people, Sephiroth? How many people have I killed with this sword? How much blood is on my hands?"

She looked up at him. "How can I raise a child, knowing that? How can I look at her, so pure, knowing that I’ve killed so many people?"

Sephiroth sat on the floor, wrapping his arms around Audrea. "And how many people have I killed? I have probably more blood on my hands than anyone on the planet. Yes, we were both designed to be Shinra’s killing machines. But I believe a wise woman once told me that people change. It takes time, but people change."

"Everyone that was here tonight to see Selene knows that you are perfectly capable of raising this child. I have had the same thoughts that you are having. We have a chance to make up for what we’ve done in the past. The Planet gave me a second chance. I would hope that you can do the same for yourself."

Audrea looked into Sephiroth’s eyes for a long moment. "Thank you," she whispered. He nodded, letting her rest in his lap. They sat like that for a long time, each lost in their own thoughts.

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