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Limited Wish

Chapter 8

"And you see sir, that…" Sephiroth tried to look interested. Usually he sent Audrea to these briefings with Reeve and his advisors, but not this week. The drone was interrupted by a ringing phone on Reeve’s desk.

Reeve picked up the phone. "Yes?" He offered the receiver to Sephiroth. "General, it’s for you."

Sephiroth was surprised. He could only think of one person who had the pull to reach him here. "Audrea?" he ventured.

"Seph, I need you to come to the hospital right away." He raised his eyebrows in surprise. She only called him Seph when they were alone together.

 "Audrea I’m kind of busy right now. I will be there later."

"Look I don’t care if you’re meeting with God, get over here!" She sounded like she was ready to burst. Sephiroth hung up the phone. Reeve’s other advisors had left, and Reeve was closing his PHS. "She needs me at the hospital now."

Reeve nodded. "I know. I think you should go, now."

Audrea was entranced with her child. They’d taken her to get cleaned up, and brought her back, and now Audrea was giving the baby a bottle. She looked like a carbon copy of her father, but Audrea knew there had to be something of her in there somewhere. She heard footsteps clomping down the hallway. She looked up to see Sephiroth’s massive frame in the doorway.

Sephiroth stalked down the corridor. What on the Planet could be so important that he come over right now? The fact the he sensed that Reeve knew what was going on, but refused to tell him, only irked him further. He entered Audrea’s room and stopped short when he saw what she was doing. He wasn’t even aware when Reeve ran into his back.

Audrea was siting up in bed. Holding a baby. Feeding it.

She smiled. "Come here. I have something to show you." He went over to the bed. The child’s glowing green eyes seemed to focus on him for a second, before it placidly returned to its bottle.

"She’s our baby, don’t you think? They’ve offered to do a genetic test to be sure, but I don’t think there’s too many gene pools she could have come out of, huh?"

Sephiroth was in shock. He looked at Audrea. "What’s going on?" He asked.

"Scully and Elena found her in the facility we were at. Apparently Hojo was moving faster than we thought. She’s got to be ours." Audrea looked up at him. "I want her Seph. Please." Audrea looked at him. "They didn’t find Hojo. Someone has to protect her."

He nodded. "If she is ours, the there is no reason not to have her. Absolutely, we will take her." He slipped off his gauntlets and coat. "May I hold her?" Audrea nodded, and he took the child.

Cid, Shera and Yuffie, brought up to speed by Rude, appeared, followed by all five agents. "Hey, congratulations!" Cid growled. "What’s her name?"

Audrea looked at Sephiroth, who looked back at her. "I don’t know. What do we want to call her?"

He didn’t answer, enthralled. He handed the baby back to Audrea. Looking at her daughter, Audrea had a thought. "Selene. The goddess of the moon." At Sephiroth’s bewildered look she explained. "The best memory I have of you is on a balcony in Midgar with the moonlight reflecting off of this." She stroked a lock of his silver hair.

"Hmm. Selene Morgan. I like that, too."

At that point a nurse came to take Selene away, and a doctor followed. "We want to keep her here for a couple days, to run some tests. She’s obviously been exposed to Mako, and she does look to be a bit older than your standard newborn. But you, Audrea, I’m discharging. Now get out of here."

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