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Limited Wish

Chapter 7

"General, please, sit down" The nurse sighed. General Sephiroth was a difficult patient. After he’d been fed and checked over, his heightened healing had kicked in, and he was now ready to go and find his wife. However, there was one thing stopping him. Lack of a doctor.

At that moment, said Doctor came in. "General, I see you’re feeling better. I’m going to let you go home, but I’d like you to take it easy for a few days, and stay on a light diet…" the doctor droned on and Sephiroth nodded, pretending to listen.

"And if you sign here you’re free to go." Sephiroth signed his name next to the X and hopped off the bed. Stalking out of the room, he headed for the front desk.

The Doctor stopped at the nurse’s station. "Call ICU and warn them." He joked.

Sephiroth found out that Audrea was in the ICU. He got off the elevator on the fourth floor and stopped at the front desk. "I wish to see Audrea Morgan."

"Yes, sir. This way." The nurse led him to a room. "The machine are just there to monitor her. We just took the breathing tube out of her throat, so she might not be able to talk. Take it easy she needs to rest."

Sephiroth entered the room. She lay on the bed, blonde hair pooled around her head, eyes closed. Her face was still purple with bruises, and her arms, now back in place, were bandaged and in slings. He stood next to the bed, touched her face.

Her eyes opened, slowly. She opened her mouth, tried to smile. "Shh. you’re going to be fine." She nodded, as much as the various tubes would allow, and wiggled her fingers. He placed his hand in hers, and was relieved to feel her grip his fingers.

"Audrea I’m sorry," he whispered.

She was taken aback. "Sorry for what?"

"Scarlett. She did this to you in order to get to me. That’s .. I … You should never have had to go through that."

Audrea regarded him for a moment. "If I remember correctly, I was the one who told you not to give in to her. You had the same training I did in SOLDIER, to resist torture. She knew that. But don’t go and blame yourself. We were in that together. It’s all over, right?"

Sephiroth sat on the end of the bed, squeezed her calf. "Yes. It is."

"So no more about blame. You don’t owe me anything."

Three days later, Audrea was awake and moving. Her hospital room was like a party, with a constant stream of visitors. Sephiroth had gone back to work, but always came over after he was done for the day, and in between there was always someone dropping by, but Audrea was anxious to get out and get back to work too. She remembered making great strides on the computers she was working with, and wanted to get back to work, too.

Right now though, she was occupied playing Tetris against Yuffie. The doctors decided that video games were good therapy for her arms. Right now, though, Yuffie Kisaragi was beating her into the ground. Cid looked on and laughed, and Shera sat in the chair, cheering Yuffie on. They’d flown over to Junon in the Highwind to drop by.

"Arrgh!" Audrea groaned, dropping the controller on the bed. "You beat me kid!"

Yuffie grinned. "Well it won’t make up for everything … I figure I gotta beat you about 200 more times."

"Sure, kick me when I’m down." Audrea grinned. The doctor was supposed to release her today, maybe and she wanted to go home. She missed Sephiroth.

Mulder’s lanky form appeared in the doorway. "Hey, there!" He came in followed by Reno. "How you feeling, kid?"

"Don’t call me kid Mulder. What’s up? You finished in Nibelheim?"

Mulder’s face assumed a pained expression. Cid noticed. "I need a smoke. C’mon, Yuffie."

"But I hate those – Ahh!" Shera dragged her out the door.

Mulder sat down on the end of Audrea’s bed. Audrea saw Scully and Elena standing in the doorway, hiding something. "Mulder, what’s going on?" She asked.

"We… ahh.. found something in the facility you were being held in. You know you were in the Mt. Nielbel reactor."

Audrea’s blood ran cold. "Jenova," she murmured. "Tell it to me straight Mulder."

He sighed. "We didn’t find Hojo, unfortunately. However, we found something else. Scully and Elena pushed an object into the room. We ahh.. found …"

Audrea realized what the objet was. A baby crib. "You don’t mean…" she gasped.

Elena picked up a blanket wrapped bundle. "Yeah. We found her in a Mako tank, just like this. It’s uh.. pretty obvious who her parents are." Elena handed Audrea the baby. The little girl had silver hair, and when she opened her eyes to look around, Audrea could see that they were green and glowing. "That…" she trailed off.

A child. Her child. Hers and Sephiroth’s. "I want her." Audrea murmured. "Hand me the phone."

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