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Limited Wish

Chapter 5

Scarlett came in early the next morning, followed by Rude, Reno and Elena. "Hello," she purred, approaching Sephiroth.

"What do you want?" He asked, coldly.

"Have you made a decision yet? Do I have my general?"

"No. Scarlett. I won’t join you. You realize, I have changed. I have died, and I have been given a second chance. I do not intend to waste that chance with you."

Scarlett’s face turned a bright purple. Obviously, he thought, she was used to getting her way. Of course, President Shinra had always given her free reign in the past, and she was the president now. She was as power hungry as Sephiroth remembered her. "All right then." She went over to the other table, and freed Audrea, grabbing her arms and wrenching the behind her back, binding her again. Scarlett threw Audrea onto the floor. "Rude, Reno," She commanded. The two Turks advanced on Audrea, weapons at the ready.

Scarlett tilted the table up so that Sephiroth could watch the Turks beat on Audrea. "Scarlett what is this?" He asked.

"You can stop this. Just join me, fully, and I’ll leave her alone."

"Does Hojo know about this?"

"He informed me this morning that he was done with you." Scarlett said. "I can do whatever I want, now."

Audrea groaned as the Turks beat on her, endlessly. Don’t give in to her. I can take it, you know I can. Don’t let her use me to push you around.

After fifteen minutes, Scarlett realized that she was getting nowhere. "Rude, Reno, enough." She walked up to Audrea, who was bruised and bleeding. "You enjoying that?"

Audrea remained silent. "You should tell him to join me. If you tell him to, he’ll do it. Make it easy on yourself. I’d like to have enough of you left to join me, but if not, I will have the great Sephiroth." She turned to her Turks. "Hang her up. Let him look at her like this, and that’ll change his mind."

Rude and Reno moved to comply. "Having fun yet?" Reno asked her. In answer, Audrea spit blood on his shirt. He responded by slapping her face. "Come on, Scarlett pays really well…you can have seconds y’know." He grinned.

Elena watched them torture the other woman. She still didn’t feel right about this. Sure, Scarlett was paying them well for this, but Shinra’s power had almost destroyed them. Were they right to do it again?

Rude and Reno finished binding Audrea’s wrists above her head, and hanging her a few inches off the ground. Laughing, the men left. Elena looked at her, sadly, before leaving behind them.

"Done with us?" Sephiroth asked aloud. "What does she mean by that?"

Audrea groaned. "He’s going to produce it in a tank or something." She shook with rage. "That bastard."

"Audrea, save your strength." He could see her. The Turks had placed a light on her, so that Sephiroth had a perfect view of her and her injuries.

"Sephiroth … I have to tell you this … while you know I’m still lucid." She took a breath, and he could hear the effort.

"Audrea, don’t."

She cut him off. "No. Don’t … don’t give in to her. No matter what they do to me … I’d rather … I’d rather die," she gasped. "Then to see you give in to that bitch."

He nodded, as best he could. "I understand. I assure you I have no intention of giving in to her." Inside though, his thoughts were a whirl. If he gave in, and Scarlett let him go, would he have a chance to get away? Could he get himself and Audrea out of where ever they were? Or would Scarlett have a way to control him, the way he’d been controlled by Jenova? Was it worth the risk?

It went on like that for what seemed like days. Scarlett and her Turks came in, and Sephiroth was forced to watch them beat on Audrea. Occasionally Scarlett would use a cure materia on her, and then turn them loose again. At some point, Scarlett decided that a little direct torture was in order for him. He couldn’t remember the last time he’d eaten.

Sephiroth noticed Elena hanging back. When Scarlett was not present for the "session," he addressed the female Turk. "You are not enjoying this."

Elena gazed at him. "Its … It’s none of your business." Her expression, however, gave her away. Sephiroth knew that she was not pleased with what they were doing.

"You can stand up to her, you know. Ask yourself, Whatever she is paying you, is it worth it?"

Elena stalked away, but Sephiroth’s words stayed with her. Could she convince Rude and Reno that this was wrong, very wrong?

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