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Age: 27

Job: Unemployed

Height: 6'

Weapon: Gun

Birthday: October 13

Birthplace: Unknown

Blood Type: A



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Vincent is an optional character -- you don;t have to have him to beat the game.   He's cool though and if you have him it adds to the pieces of the story.

You find Vincent sleeping in the Shin-Ra Mansion in Nibelheim.  (For details see my Getting Vincent page.)  He decides to join your party because he seems to have a hatred for Shin-Ra.  You later find out that Vincent was a Turk once, a long time ago, and could have stopped a very important event, but didn't.  He also suffered from unrequited love, from a woman named Lucrecia.  Vincent was the subject of Hojo's experimentation as well, and the mad professor made Vincent what he is today. 

Vincent is pretty cool.  He uses guns, which is interesting, considering all of the ancient weapons everyone else uses.  If you give him double cut it's cool to watch cause the gun swings around before it shoots again.  Seeing this four times is especially impressive.  His limit breaks are okay .. I don't use him much, but since you can't really control what he does once the limit kicks in, it can kind of be a pain.   Vincent is NOT A VAMPIRE.  Just because he has red eyes and sleeps in a coffin does not make him undead.  He was suspended animation. He is not undead. Just thought I'd clear that up.

Getting Vincent


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