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Unholy Alliance

Chapter 9

Audrea looked at Sephiroth. "So now, what becomes of us?" She wondered aloud. Her musings were interrupted by a new voice.

"Thank you." Cloud and his friends looked at the Mako pool. They knew that voice.

"Aeris." Cloud looked at the pool, and they watched as the Mako began to coalesce into a form, female, long haired and green-eyed.

She stepped out of the pool and addressed Sephiroth. "The Planet gave you a chance to right the wrongs done to it. You have succeeded, and the harms have been healed. The Planet thanks you, and your reward is life." Aeris turned to the rest of her friends. "I told you all I’d be back at the end. And here I am." She giggled.

Cloud was the first to reach her, enveloping Aeris in a bear hug. The rest of the group followed, until it was just a big group hug. Mulder cleared his throat. "I hate to break up the party, but what are we going to do with this?" he asked, indicating the body on the floor.

"Burn it. Wasn’t that how they destroyed them way back when?" Audrea suggested. "But not here .. we’ll all suffocate."

Mulder nodded. "Yeah that sounds like a plan. Everyone grab a body part."

Scully groaned. "God, Mulder that’s so sick."

They lugged the body to the top of the crater, gathered wood and built a funeral pyre. Mulder held the fire Materia in his hand. "I don’t feel right doing this."

Sephiroth turned to him. "She was, after all, your sister. I think it right that you say farewell to her." Mulder nodded. He held the materia up. "Fire 3!!" He yelled, and the bolt of flame enveloped the body and began to burn.

They were all clustered around Aeris, telling her the rest of the story – the defeat of Sephiroth, how Reeve found Mulder and Scully, who they were, who Audrea was. Aeris nodded. "Audrea was in the lifestream. I know her."

Sephiroth stood alone in front of the fire, watching it burn. Audrea separated herself from the group. "Hey. You okay?" She slipped her hand in his.

"I will be. It’s strange. She had such a hold on me, the whole time…Do you think they will forgive me?"

"I do. I think that they do too. People change, but it takes time."

"Where did you find that vaccine?" He asked.

"My sordid past comes in handy sometimes, I guess. Actually, ask Mulder to tell you the story. I don’t really understand it all myself." She pulled out the picture she’d printed in the Midgar ruins. "I also found this. Her name was Lucrecia. I think Scully knew her. She was…"

"My real mother." Sephiroth looked at the picture. "Thank you, Audrea." He looked at her, wondering if this was the right time. He turned to her. "I have something to ask you." He knelt on one knee in front of her. "I believe this is how it is done."

From across the meadow, all conversation stopped. ‘"If I wasn’t seeing this with my own eyes I don’t think I’d believe it," Barret said softly.

"I told you. They love each other." Aeris said, simply.

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