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Unholy Alliance

Chapter 3

Mulder and Tifa stared at each other in shock. As one, they raced down the beach, following the prints until they stopped about 50 feet away. Just stopped.

Mulder felt a warming within him. Time to reopen the X-Files. And this time, no one could shut them down.

Tifa looked angrily at Mulder. "How can you sit there and smile! Cloud’s gone!" She sank down into the sand, despondent. Who could have taken him, again?

Mulder shook his head. "I know how you feel. This isn’t the first time Scully’s been abducted." He clearly remembered the pain he’d felt during the weeks Scully was missing, when the Syndicate was performing their evil experiments on her, giving her cancer.

"Abducted? You make it sound like they were carried off by flying saucers."

Mulder grinned. "This is my specialty – X-Files, cases that seem unsolvable or to have paranormal links. That’s what Scully and I did, mostly, back in the FBI. I was just thinking that this is a classic alien abduction case."

Tifa looked unconvinced. As she opened her mouth to reply, a shadow passed overhead. Tifa and Mulder looked up to see a large green dragon circling to land. Tifa groaned. "Please tell me you have a weapon."

Mulder rummaged through his things and pulled out his pistol. Tifa grabbed Premium Heart and put it on, and the two heroes stood to face the dragon, which had alighted on the beach, but was just sitting there. Tifa looked closer. "Hey, someone’s riding it!"

Mulder peered down the beach. Indeed there was a human figure climbing off the dragon’s back. As it turned around, Mulder could see that it was very distinctly female. She walked toward them.

Tifa gasped. The woman was dressed in a skintight black bodysuit, knee high boots and shoulder armor and carried a four-foot sword. She had green eyes that glowed – the same way Cloud’s glowed. The eerie green glow made her think of someone else. "My god … It’s a female Sephiroth."

Mulder’s eyes darkened. "No. It’s Audrea Morgan."

Audrea saw the figures on the beach, recognizing Mulder. The woman was familiar only from what she’d heard. Audrea stopped in front of them, brandishing her sword.

"Where is he?" Her voice could have frozen the ocean.

"Nice to see you again too, kiddo." Mulder looked her over. "You’re looking … alive."

"Don’t patronize me, Mulder. What did you do with him?" Audrea looked over at Tifa. "You. This is probably all your doing. Where is he?"

Tifa looked at her. "Where is who?" She asked, dreading the answer.

Audrea’s expression darkened. "Where is who?" She mimicked. "You know damn well who."

Mulder sighed. He had a pretty good idea who Audrea was looking for, "She means Sephiroth, Tifa."

Tifa scowled. "Sephiroth’s dead. I helped kill him." The two women stood, staring at each other.

"Yes I know. But some would say that I am also dead."

Mulder looked at her. "That’s right you were dead. I saw your body … Where did you come from?"

"We—I," her face fell, but it was too late. She’d let her secret slip.

"We who?" Mulder pressed. "Sephiroth?"

Audrea nodded feeling tears spring to her eyes, and the sword wavered. Mulder walked over and took it from her. "Come on. We need to talk."

Tifa watched the entire exchange. Who was she? Why did she care about Sephiroth so much?

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