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Unholy Alliance

Chapter 2

Ahhh, vacation. This is the life, right Scully?" Mulder asked, relaxing in the sand at the newly restored Junon beach. After hiding from the Shinra in the far north for so long, the first thing Mulder and Scully did was to find a place somewhere warm. Reeve, the new president of Junon, found them and offered them a job – as co-directors of his new investigative division.

Scully rubbed sunscreen on her shoulders, remembering her fair skin. Working with Mulder, being with him for so long, she’d gotten all of her memories back after Hojo’s experiments. Reeve’s discovery of the files had led him to them and ended with their subsequent employment. She couldn’t say she was sorry that Hojo was dead. Scully laid back on her towel. "Sure Mulder, it’s great." Mulder was the best friend she had here, though Reeve’s friends were a nice group of people.

"Mind if we join you?" Mulder looked over to see Cloud Strife and Tifa Lockhart, two friends of Reeve’s. They were the ones that had defeated Sephiroth and saved the planet. Thinking of Sephiroth made him remember Audrea Morgan for a moment.

"Sure…Cloud is it?" Mulder gestured at the sand.

"Yup, Fox, right?’

"Mulder. No on calls him Fox." Scully corrected from his other side.

"Mulder, right.," Tifa echoed. Tifa and Cloud set their beach things down. Junon was much cleaner after the Shinra cannon and other devices were removed. Cloud remembered the first time they’d come to Junon, when the beach was so polluted you could barely go near it. Now the Junon beach was starting to rival Costa del Sol as one of the better beaches on the Planet. Mulder got up. "I’m going for a swim, anyone with me?"

"Sure, hang on a sec," Cloud shucked his t-shirt and headed for the water. Mulder and Scully were interesting. Cloud knew that they were relics from a long-distant past, and Hojo’s experiments, but that didn’t mean anything in the long run. After all, he was an experiment too. And he turned out all right.

Scully lay on the beach sunning herself. She shivered, suddenly, as if a cold breeze was blowing, She looked over at Tifa. "Hey, did you feel that?"

"Feel what?" Tifa looked over at Dana. "Hey are you feeling all right?" Dana looked very pale in the noonday sun, and her eyes suddenly seemed distant. "Hey, Dana? Dana?"

Scully was in a daze, not hearing Tifa. She ran to the water’s edge. "Mr. Mulder!"

Mulder splashed out of the water, dragging Cloud behind him. "Just Mulder… what is it?"

"There’s something wrong with your friend."

Mulder groaned. "I was just coming to tell you the same thing." He pointed to Cloud. "He just zoned out all of a sudden and didn’t come to yet." Tifa guided Cloud over to the blanket and sat him down. Mulder looked at Tifa. "Has this happened before?"

Tifa looked uncomfortable. ‘Yes … Cloud’s had some … problems in the past, as a result of being one of Hojo’s experiments."

"Jeez, is there anyone these people didn’t want to experiment on?" He turned around and realized that Cloud and Scully were gone. Two pairs of footsteps were the only sign that there was ever anyone there.

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