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Unholy Alliance

Chapter 1

They washed up on the beach near Mideel.

Audrea groaned, pulling herself up out of the sand … sand? She looked around, quickly. Land… dry land. Water .. not lifestream. Katana, lying in the sand about 5 feet away. She grabbed it, standing up. "Sephiroth? Are you here?" A male groan made her turn around. Audrea gasped and sank down next to him. "Are you all right?"

"Fine.. Where are we?" Sephiroth looked around, standing up. Masamune lay in the sand at his feet. He picked up his trusted friend. "Alive…" he whispered, as realization dawned on him.

"We’re alive. But why?"

Sephiroth considered for a moment. "The Planet never does anything without a reason." As he thought, he could feel something in the back of his mind. Something that clouded his thoughts. "I need to.. sit for a while."

Audrea looked around, and saw a small cave. "Let’s go in there, out of the sun."

Sephiroth nodded, letting her lead him. Once in the cave, he sat down on the ground, fighting whatever it was that made his mind so clouded.

Audrea could sense his mood. "What’s wrong?" She could see the considerable strength he was exerting on just thinking. She reached out to hold his hand, and he pulled away from her. "No… leave me alone …please…no.."

"Sephiroth, what is it?" Audrea reached out to him again, and he dropped to his knees, clutching his head.

"She…is … here…calling…" The words cam out slowly, disjointed.

"Who?" Sephiroth turned to Audrea, raising his fist as if to strike her. Audrea stepped back, ready to block if he threw the punch, but at the same time, wondering what would make him strike her. He lashed out.

Audrea blocked the first punch, but didn’t expect to get clubbed in the head with the hilt of Masamune. She dropped to the ground and watched as Sephiroth walked out of the cave as if in a daze. "Sephiroth … why?" She blacked out.

When Audrea came to, she found herself in a cave, with a headache. She sat up remembering … Sephiroth, knocking her out. She ran out of the cave, to find footprints in the sand. Familiar footprints. She ran along the beach, following them for a distance before they stopped dead.

Audrea narrowed her eyes in the bright sun. Someone was going to pay for this.

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