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Although I have protsted this, Kathryn is putting up this bizzare list.  She had help though from people equally as crazy as she, on the Final Fantasy Online message boards.  I think they all have problems.

And now, here's the list.  Want to add something?   Email me at

-You make a crown and cape for your black beany cat

-You dress up as any of the characters for halloween

-when you get angry at someone you wonder when your limit gauge will fill up

-You look for Materia on the beach

-You emulate any character's hairstyle

-you emulate Cloud's hairstyle

This counts for me, when you have FF7 dreams!

-When you start quoting FFVII lines all the time.

-When you're sweeping and you break the broom performing 'Braver' on a brick wall.

-When you start asking people how much HP they have.

-You throw a party ever time you level up
-You look for Materia slots on work gloves, mops, umbrellas, base ball bats, your pets...
-You write love letters to Yuffie
-You wonder what your dog's and Red XIII's children will look like
-You go to the fair and ask to ride the Chocobo

-You practise the characters' victory poses, spell gestures and limit breaks.
-You have these small colored stones and call them materia.
-You draw the characters.
-I did all these...

-you've memorized every single line out of the game and decide to make a one-man performance of it outside your school
-you like cait sith
-you call your cat Nanaki
-you start feeding canaries greens so maybe you can catch one and ride it around
-you start smoking so you can try out cid's limit break

--The next time you get into a fight and get hit, you wonder briefly if you've learned your enemy's skill.

--You threaten to summon a monster on a group of people.

--You have a fear of huge corporations with any kind of reactor.

--You ask for lard in your tea.

--Every time you open a safe you brace yourself for when the monster comes out.

--The next tall dark person you meet you don't get angry in case he can change form (Vincent my god yes!)

--You set out to look for the masamune.

--You decide to become a geneticist so that you can clone the last ancient.

--You put your ear to the ground and think you are actually listening to the planet.

--You revere any of the characters as gods (well, I am guilty of this, everyone knows about my obsession with Sephiroth and Vincent)

--Every time you pass by a body of water you look down to see if you can spot Aeris's body.

--You talk to a farmer about breeding chocobos.

-You find yourself humming boss fight music in the shower.

-You relate characters in all the movies you've seen to FFVII people.

-You occasionally call your friends Aeris or Cloud instead of their real names.

-You can't sleep without visiting FFonline.

-You upset the downstairs neighboors trying to do Braver.

-You wonder how many greens it'll take to make put your bird at top intellignece.

-You ask the guy at Starbucks for a Guard Source each morning.

-When you go snowboarding, you keep a lookout for snow-mogs and floating balloons.

 -you search bookshops for limit break manuals
-you start complaining that you have mako poisoning every time you get out of the bath
-you try to omnislash your mate with a stick

-You haven't gotten laid since 1997.

- You suddenly find that you've wet your pants while your still sat infront of the screen

- You frantically search for silver hair dye and a quick hairgrowth remedy

- You attempt to slaughter your whole village and burn it to flames

You walk around back and forth in the same spot looking for monsters to level up on.

-You convert your dollars into Gil
-You ask your parents if you can vacation at the Golden Saucer
-You constantly scan the sky for a glimpse of the Highwind
-You're scared of going to the desert, because you might run into Ruby Weapon
-You pray for holy after seeing a shooting star
-You wish you were as cool as Sephiroth (how many of you can claim that's not true?)

-You dream about going to the Promised Land

-You NEVER EVER EVER EVER think of anything without relating it to FFVII

-You've never seen a sword in a museum without saying "oh come on I bet that thing doesn't even have 4 materia slots"

-You stand on your head trying to make your hair go like Cloud's

-You don't own any folder or notebook that isn't covered with FF logos and pictures

-You constantly forget that THAT WILL NEVER HAPPEN TO YOU FACE IT

-You often send friends e-mail all covered with FFVII quotes and they have no idea what in the heck you're talking about

-You forget what the outside world looks like

-When the game revives Aeris just to get you stop trying.

You know when you're playin FF7 when you get a black marble and try to summon meteor!

You know you play too much Final Fantasy VII if you actually get all these references.

-You can't stop hoping that your mates, um, "globes" (guys, ya know what I mean) naturally get to the size of Tifa's

-You try to revive Aeris 1,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 times.

-You can't go underwater in your pool 'cuse a green glow is coming out of it.

-You look for a traveler that will accept a guidebook and give you an Underwater materia that let's you breath underwater.

-You freak out everyone with cloud's hairstyle on you head.

-You think your father is a wimp that left your mother during an attack on your village when you where a cub.

-You look for a crater at the North Pole so you can try to summon Meteor.

oooo.....well....when ppl at school think you are pyscho over ff7. When you start turning hyper and weird. When you start writing fanfics. WHEN YOU WILL KILL!!!!! Yuffie, you are a carbon copy of me, or names here...says. LET US HAVE A FIGHT!!! ONE ON ONE!!!!!

-when you drink, you have one for Aeris

You know you played too much Final Fantasy VII when you...

1- Rename yourself Cloud.

2- Have to pay for your foot ball pads because you broke them in half, put little spikes on it, and tape it to your shoulder to
look like Cloud.

3- Dig 1,000 feet in the earth to help free holy.

4- When you go to quicke mart and ask where they keep their Megalexars.

5- Get in your car, drive 600 miles and finally get confused and ask for Gold Saucer directions.

6- Go to the North Pole to ask the Chocobo Mage about Chocobos

7- You've illegally downloaded all the japenese Final Fantasy on your computer in english ( I got a friend that did that to FF 5)

8- Call information and ask for Nibelheim.

9-Train your dog for the chocobo races.

10- When they say there is no Nibelheim on the list you say Oh it must be still burnt down.

1. You pick up a marble and try and use it as materia.
2. When you are playing baseball, you do the victory dance with the bat when you hit a homerun

- You take martial arts classes to be like Tifa, but realize when you go too far that short shorts aren't meant for men.

- You go on a vacation to vegas and ask the attendants where the chocobo racing tracks are.

- You try destroying your furnace because you think it's sucking the planet of Mako.

- You put a clip on your dog, dye his fur red, call him RedXIII and go on adventures with him in your backyard which you always call the Ancient Forest.

-when you get so bored with it that you keep wondering when FF8 is comming out...

-when you spend lots of time at the excavation site looking for some better Treasure.

-when you buy the PC version just to see if it is any different...

-when you keep reciting lines from FF7 in your sleep...

-when you set up a shop and call it "The Wall Market"...

-when you try to find Cloud in FF Tactics just because he was your favorite FF7 caracter...

-when you can't wait for Engriz because it has FF7 caracters in it..

-when u make dolls of all characters and put cotton balls in cat sith

You know you play too much FFVII when you stay up nights thinking of things that say that you play too much FFVII.

When ur at level 99 and have all masterd materia and 10 golden chocobos

When u try to see what happens when u dont hit sephiroth in the last alst last abttle (mabe he wont die and the game will go on ?)

-You know you've played too much FF7 when you post on the same "you know you've played too much FF7 when.." topics each time one comes up.

You know you've played too much FFVII when...

- You want to go to Costa del Sol for vacation.
- You have four or more full memory cards, saving every main point in the game.
- You tape the entire story and all of the FMV (I did).
- You mistake Santa Claus for Bugenhagen (Ho Ho Ho).
- You mistake Mr. T for Barret.
- You look at a tiger and see if it has a tatoo.
- You look for item, weapon and materia shops when you are out.
- When you are outside, you look for weapon flying around in the sky.

I tried not hitting Sephiroth at the end, actually I was trying to see what else I could do instead. He stepped up and hit me damn hard, then Cloud automatically counterattacked (I'm positive I didn't have materia equipped to do that). The result was the same as if I'd omnislashed him

You must know you have played too much FF7 when...

- you pick up a long peice of card board and call it your buster sword.

- when you scratch yourself, you pick up a rock and attempt to cure yourself.

- you walk around all day fighting and killing anyone you see so you can save enough money to buy a lifetime pass to disney world which you call the golden saucer.

- you buy a bird and call it your chocobo.

- you buy a white stuffed teddy bear and call it Mog, *-*.

- your cat/dog even starts dreaming and acting like red 13, and at some point, they get the number "13" on them.

- you really beg your science teacher for a number when you failed your test.

- you keep calling your best friend Zack.

- you can think of a lot of these.

- you watch a movie, but mistake it for FF7.

- you build a big building and call it shinra headquarters, than try to take over the world in hopes of meeting cloud and his party.

- you can hear the cries of the planet.

- you join the army to see how fun it would be to make them look like fools on live tv, and to see if they are up to something...

- when you start making these, you just can't stop.

-When you play tennis and think all the balls are materia and refuse to hit them

-And when you treat your racket like a hardedge

-And call the rest of your team Soldier first class

-And try your hardest to caste haste so you have an advantage on your opponent

-you call to your oppenent "hey you lazy behemoth lets get going

- You look in the phonebook to see if theres anybody named cloud

- You post sumethin on this board

- You buy a guidebook for the US and hope to find Kalm City so you can exchange it to the guy ther so you can get the underwater materia

- You put wings on your stuffed polar bear so it looks like Caith Sith

- You call the army and ask how many first class Slodier they have and how you tryout

- You actually read all the replies of this thread

You know you have played to much final fantasy when:
-you put on too much hair spray trying to make you hair stay like Sephiroth
-When you call your teacher Don Corneo hehe
-When you dont call you friends by there names but by FFVII's names!
-When try to do ohmi punch to your friends
-When you collect marbles and try to summon things only to see your dog come to you
-When you walk in circles trying to level up
-When you threathend a teacher to summon super nova and he looks at you funny, or when you get the hole class talking about FFVII and the teacher joins in your conversation and forgets about the lesson LOL ~_^
-When you listen to FFVII music al the time and humm it out every where!
-When you start to name Casino's Wutai, Gold sacuer ect.. (live in las vegas)
-When you dress up like a girl so you can get in a strip club

-you date one of the main charaters
-you fantasies about being in the game as a secret charater

-You rewrite the script to incorporate Aeris's ressurection.
-You tend to goto sleep listening to the FFVII soundtrack
-You become angry at people for saying "FFVII is an awesome game.", then you politely correct them. (It is not a game, it's my life)
-You've written squaresoft and offered them donations if they will release a patch to allow ressurecting Aeris.
-You offer to code the patch (hehe.. guilty)
-You change the story line and bring a fictional character modeled after yourself into FFVII.
-You tend to inflict bodily harm on people for speaking highly of Sephiroth. When you have some red contact lenses made so you can look more like Vincent.
(I tried this and it really freaks people out when you look at them! Try telling them you were in a chemical accident )
When you bought a PS and FFVII on the day of release and still don't want anymore games (except FFVIII of course )


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