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Age: 20

Job: Bar Hostess, Member of AVELANCHE

Height: 5'4

Weapon: Glove

Birthday: May 3

Birthplace: Nibelheim

Blood Type: B



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Tifa is Cloud's childhood friend, and is the reason he joins AVALANCHE. 

Tifa is the owner of a bar in the Midgar Sector 7 slums, the bar being called Seventh Heaven.  Her bar also serves as the headquarters for AVALANCHE.  Tifa and Cloud knew each other growing up in Nibelheim, and Cloud made her a promise that he would always come back for her. Tifa also holds many secrets locked away in her mind, most of them about Cloud.  The most important thing that she has is deep feelings for Cloud, feelings that she is too shy to admit.  For all of her brass, she has a hard time then it comes to matters of the heart. 

Tifa is a pretty good fighter, if she has a decent weapon.  I thin that Premium Heart, her Ultimate Weapon, is the worst becasue it relies on her limit gauge for power. So unless you want to be using level 1 breaks at the end of the game, you will be waiting a long time for her weapon to power up.  Tifa is one of my second-string characters.   I like to use her cause I like the idea of her limit break that builds up to a seven-hit combo, but she's not quite as cool as Cid or Yuffie. 


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