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Age: Unknown

Job: Top-ranking SOLDIER Officer

Height: 6'1"

Weapon: Long Sword (Masamune)

Birthday: Unknown

Birthplace: Unknown

Blood Type: Unknown

Sephiroth was once one of Shin-Ra's finest fighters, and their General.  Nothing is known of his past, which is locked in a classified file, but everyone fears him, including the Shin-Ra brass.  He won fame and glory during the war with Wutai, and participated in several missions after the war.  He disappeared five years ago, and no one knows why, but he comes back (duh) and you learn all about him during the game, so I'm not going to spoil it. His sword, the Masamune, is six feet long, and legend has it that Sephiroth is the only one capable of using it. 

Sephiroth is the villain of the game, and I must say he ranks up there with Darth Vader, Scar, Khan Noonien Singh and the Cancerman in the great villains hall of fame!   He's cold, calculating, evil, insane and really good-looking.  All your important villain traits. 


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