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The Squaresoft Fan HQ

Amos's page has probably one of the most complete listings of  Final Fantasy fic on the net, and more, too. Also check out the great fan art section

Rocket Town: The Shin-Ra No. 26

The Captain has another pretty comprehensive list of fics in the Tank No. 8, and he makes his own CG - style artwork too.  Nifty!

Jen's FFVII Page

Jen's page got me into writing FFVII fics and reading them.  Read her Rambles for a good laugh ... characters and writers in the most hilarious situations!

RPG Gamer

Not only does this site have fanfic and fanart, but it has all kinds of info about FFVII and a lot of other games, too.

Final Fantasy Online

I'm on the messageboards as Yuffie_Kisigari, so drop by here.  All the info you could ever want on FF 4,5,6,7,8 and Tactics, and the most up to date Final Fantasy news there is.

Squaresoft's Official Page

Go here for the lowdown on what Sqauresoft is up to now.