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Age: 21

Job: Mercenary (Ex- SOLDIER)

Height: 5'7"

Weapon: Broadsword

Birthday: August 19

Birthplace: Niebelheim

Blood Type: AB




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Cloud it your main character, and the leader of your party. 

Cloud starts out the game with one thing on his mind: money.  He joined SOLDIER at 14 to try and prove himself, and prove himself to a certain someone.  But his past is strange and varied. He respected and admired Sephiroth, and was on the fateful Nibelheim mission that resulted in Sephiroth's loss.  But things are not as they seem with Cloud.  He often has spells where he hears voices and talks to unknown parties. As you go through the game, Cloud's strange past is revealed in detail and it can get confusing.  I have written a little page up where I try to sort it all out, if you're still confused.  It took me twice through to get what was going on inside this guy's head.

Being the leader, and since he is required to be in your party 99% of the time, Cloud's level will go up a LOT faster than the others.  He's pretty powerful too, and his swords can dish out the damage. Omnislash, his Level 4 Limit Break, is pretty cool to watch ... he jumps up and goes medieval on whatever you point at.  He is also a pretty good spellcaster, and can handle the really powerful materia. 

What's Going On with Cloud?


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