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Age: 32

Job: Pilot

Height: 5'8

Weapon: Spear

Birthday: February 22

Birthplace: Unknown

Blood Type: B



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You meet Cid when you get to Rocket Town, and you get your Airship, the Highwind from him. 

Cid was a a Shin-Ra pilot, and was supposed to be the first man in space.  His dreams were shattered, however, when the launch was a failure.  He decided to live in the shadow of his dream, and try to get the rocket to work.  Cid's chief technician, Shera, lives with him.  Cid is abrasive, and has the foulest mouth in the game .. and they don't edit this one!! Cid is also addicted to caffeine in the form of tea, and to nicotine, he's ALWAYS smoking.  Cid is a real sweetheart deep down, and he really does care about Shera and the party. He's also got no love for the Shin-Ra.

Cid is one of the best fighters in the game.  I used him as my second all the time, and I used him, Cloud and Yuffie to beat the game. Cid's spears do all kinds of damage, and his limit breaks are great.  Highwind and Dynamite are probably my two favorites to watch. If you're lucky, when you're at the Gold Saucer, you can play the snowboard game with Cid, or you can race Chocobos with him.


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