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Those Chosen By The Planet

By Kathryn


The date of the Project came.

And it was the shit storm of all time.


Fox Mulder, Dana Scully and Audrea Morgan raced down the deserted, rubble-laden street, fully conscious of the alien hybrids behind them. They turned into an alleyway and ducked behind a chunk of building.

"Now what?" Scully panted. "They’re right behind us!"

"Why are they chasing us?" Morgan asked.

"We know too much. We knew this was coming and they know that. We also have defeated these creatures before, in Antarctica. We know their weaknesses." Mulder explained. "How much ammo do you have left?"


"Not much." Morgan looked around. Damn. Wish I’d know that before I joined the X-Files. They were across the street from what had once been a gun store. Morgan peered inside. "But not for long," she said, grabbing a two-by-four and smashing the glass.

Scully gasped. "You can’t do that! In case you’ve forgotten, you’re still a Federal Official. That’s considered looting!"

Morgan rolled her eyes. "So arrest me later." She climbed through the broken glass. Scully looked at her partner. "You aren't going to let her."

"Scully, this is probably our only chance to get out of here alive. She’s right, we’re going to need more than our FBI Issue 9mm to get out of this city." He followed Morgan into the store. Scully crawled in reluctantly.

Morgan had already grabbed a 12-gauge shotgun and was evaluating rifles. Scully picked up a .22, remembering when her brother had taken her shooting as a child. Mulder found a backpack and gathered ammo for their weapons, as well as a heavier caliber SIG pistol.

Suddenly, a crash though the remaining glass made the agents turn around. The hybrids, not fooled by their prey, had finally caught up with them. Morgan grabbed a large knife off the counter and lunged at them yelling "Get the hell out of here!" Mulder grabbed a protesting Scully and dragged her toward the back of the store. Morgan’s scream was the last thing they heard as they burst through the back door.

Mulder plunged blindly down the alley, Scully trailing behind him, burdened by the rifle. They could hear the footsteps of the hybrids closing. As they ran the ground began to rumble, like the first beginning of an earthquake.

The ground erupted. Scully and Mulder were thrown in opposite directions, as the world seemed to come unglued. Even the alien hybrids had trouble keeping their footing as the ground heaved and buckled. Scully felt herself being grabbed from behind. "Thanks Mulder." She rolled over, to see the bland face on the hybrid thug holding some sort of hypodermic. The hybrid thug gripped her tighter and injected her with whatever was in the hypodermic. As Scully’s head lolled to the side, she saw Mulder and Morgan in the same predicament. The Earth’s roar grew louder, to a crescendo, and finally, mercifully, blackness.

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