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Those Chosen By The Planet

By Kathryn

Chapter 9

Audrea watched the scientist skitter out the door. Damn, what a story. It must have taken her all day to make that up. No matter. She would answer to Sephiroth when the report wasn’t done.

But then again, there was a strange feeling in the back of her mind. There was a certain sense of familiarity about the story. Like a dream.

Audrea shook her head. She needed to get out of here. Between spending most of the day talking to Godo Kisaragi and then this, she needed to breathe. She grabbed her sword and headed out.

Sephiroth saw Dr. Scully shoot out of the lab like a scared chocobo. He saw Audrea Morgan take off towards the ocean about 5 minutes later.

Once on the beach, Audrea stripped off her armor and boots. Clad in her halter top and pants, she climbed onto a high rock and watched the surf pound the shore, relaxing. She started into some of the relaxing breathing exercises she’d been taught in martial arts.

Sephiroth looked up at the girl on the cliff. Such passion and drive. He reached up and began to ascend the rock.

Audrea cleared her mind of the past 24 hours. Dr. Scully’s annoyance. Kisaragi. Her growing feelings for Sephiroth. During the "bargaining session" she had become more and more impressed with his tactical acumen. If he fights as good as he looks – I mean thinks… I mean… Aw shit. Admit it. You’re crazy for him.

As she focused on her breathing, Audrea became aware of someone else nearby. There was only one other person who could have made it up here. "Sir. I see you’ve found my secret escape."

"Yes." Sephiroth looked out over the waves, listened to them crash against the base of the rock. "Meditation."

"I think I deserve it, don’t you?" Not a smart comment. Just a remark.

"Yes." He sat down on a rock. She turned to him, stretching her long legs on another jut of rock. "What did Dr. Scully have to offer?"

"Only that she’s behind in her research of the Materia. And an interesting work of fiction she came up with. Apparently, she got worried that her personnel file was classified. And made up some interesting things to explain."

"Really. Any basis in fact?"

"Nope. None. I told her to get her ass back in the lab." Audrea sat down on another rock, facing him. Sephiroth looked at her. She was really pretty up here, away from the military camp. It must have been hard to be a woman in charge of all these men.

As if reading her mind she looked at him. "It’s not all bad. I like being in charge. Really. It’s just some days it doesn’t pay to get out of bed."

He’s talking to me like a human being. Not like an officer. What gives?

"I should be getting back. Uhmm…I’m going to take the express route down."

"And that would be?" He had a pretty good idea.

As an answer, Audrea stepped onto the edge of the cliff and poised to dive. "You can follow me if you want. But take your armor and sword off first or you’ll sink like a friggin’ rock!" With that advice, she dove gracefully off the cliff, falling and splashing into the cove below.

Sephiroth watched her in amazement. Then he quickly began striping of his own armor, sword, and boots. Dropping them the ten feet to where Audrea’s own lay, he stepped out to the edge where she’d just jumped off.

Audrea was shocked to see the silver haired form on the edge of the promontory.

I don’t believe it.

Sephiroth dove off the cliff, cleanly hitting the water near her. She waited for him to come up. "Sir?" She called tentatively, treading water.

Silence. Then something grabbed her ankle and pulled Oh, Shit I didn’t think there were monsters out here—

She was pulled under to see a pair of green glowing eyes. She struggled for a moment before recognition set in. Two bodies broke the surface. Audrea turned to Sephiroth. "Very cute, sir."

He looked at her. She hasn’t figured it out yet? "Why so formal? Please, call me Sephiroth. And I can call you…"

Anytime. "Audrea."

He reached out to her. "I think that they can do without us for a little while."

Audrea was speechless. In answer she swam over to him. "The great Sephiroth," she murmured. "After tomorrow, you’ll be a hero. Am I to be your next conquest?"

"Hmm. From what I’ve heard, I should ask the same of you." He caressed her face, lifting her out of the water enough to kiss her.

Audrea was shocked, but only for a moment. She closed her eyes and let herself enjoy this. When they finally came up for air, she looked at him. "I think that they can do without us for a long while." She reached up to kiss Sephiroth again. They sank below the water.

Audrea heard something. She pulled away from Sephiroth and broke the surface of the water. "Do you hear something?" Without waiting for an answer, she began swimming towards the shore. Sephiroth followed in her wake.

Once onshore, Audrea climbed the rocky cliff, stopping about halfway to look out over the plain. There was something on the horizon. She turned and called down to Sephiroth, "Something’s coming. Something big."

"What is it?" He called up, shrugging into his armor.

Audrea peered into the distance. When she figured it out, she almost fell backward off the cliff. "It’s Godo’s army! They’re on their way!" She jumped the ten feet or so of the cliff and grabbed her stuff. "We have to get back."

"Right. I will see you there."

What – Oh yeah. They were going to have to keep this quiet. Shinra would have a field day. So would the media. Any disgruntled trooper could make a mint selling this little tidbit of information to the news – General gets army girlfriend or something stupid like that. She headed towards the base.

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