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Those Chosen By The Planet

By Kathryn

Chapter 8

Audrea blew into her office like a tornado and landed in the chair with a distinct thud. She pulled the sword off of her back and launched it across the room, blade first. It sank several inches into a wood panel.

"Calm yourself Commander," Sephiroth advised from the doorway.

Audrea turned to him, looking slightly calmer after her outburst. "Sure. Yeah, whatever. I suppose you have a plan for taking care of him" She pointed back in the general direction of Wutai.

Pulling the sword out of the wall, Sephiroth handed it to her, and she sheathed it. "Yes. Godo’s weakness is that he relies too much on his ideals of old. We need to find a way to exploit that."

"And how do we do that, sir?" Her thoughts were interrupted by a knock. "Enter!"

Dr. Scully came in, portable computer under her arm. "Commander, can I talk to you for a moment? In private?"

Audrea looked at her. "Do you have the report on the orb we found? I’m sure the general will want to hear it also."

"No, it’s not about that. I really would like to talk with you."

Audrea sighed. "Sir can you excuse us for a moment?"

"Of course." Sephiroth went outside.

"Now, Doctor, what is so all-fired important it can’t wait?"

Scully opened the computer to show Audrea Morgan’s personal file. "Did you know that your entire file is classified? Do you know why?"

Audrea sneered. "Of course it is. All high-ranking officers have that privilege."

"Look closer," Scully said and with that, began to explain. Who Morgan was. Her past. Her past life.

Audrea listened to Dr. Scully’s story with a growing sense of incredulity and impatience. It was a great work of fiction, but that was all it was. Fiction.

As Scully finished up, having shown Morgan her FBI file, all the data on her past life, she looked up. And realize that his may have been a mistake. Audrea’s Mako-touched eyes were cold, colder than Scully had seen them since arriving.

"Where did you get this information?" Audrea asked.

"That’s classified. A private source."

"Really. Now Dr. Scully, let me make one thing very clear. If you let this work of fiction go, I may forget I ever saw it. I may even neglect to tell anyone about it. Now, if you are through wasting my time, then I suggest you return to your assignment and get me that report about that orb."

Taking that as a dismissal, Scully raced back to the lab.

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