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Those Chosen By The Planet

By Kathryn

Chapter 7

Dana typed in the code and waited.

Access granted.

]Display file: Scully, Dana Katherine

Accessing…. …. …. File found

Dana Katherine Scully

Year of Birth: 1963

Specimen: 0009102

The second specimen to successfully thaw, this specimen was frozen in the year 1999 by an unknown force, possibly linked to Jenova. Found with several other specimens, the first female to thaw.

Appended to the file was another file, another personnel file, with her picture in it.

Scully, Dana Kathrine

Special Agent, Federal Bureau of Investigation

X-Files Division

Dana gasped in shock, reading the rest of her life story…Graduated from medical school … FBI Academy … The X-Files … What were these places, these things. And as she read on, a strange thing happened.

Her memory’s gate opened. She remembered. Everything.

"You want me to debunk Agent Mulder’s work?"

"Goddamed rational science saved me!"

Abduction … return …"Cancer. I have cancer."

An old Indian in the desert.

A man smoking cigarettes and watching from the shadows.

A chip in her neck

"My cancer has gone into remission."

"This boy could be the key to the X-Files."

A scorched office and a hug.

Dallas … Antarctica … Frozen before … a virus … The Syndicate … the Project

The X-Files have been reopened.

"Take me with you!"

"Guess what! I got the transfer I wanted … I’m working here now!"

"In the name of time … "*

The day of the Project … Running through the streets .. a face and a hypodermic…

A lab in HQ. Memories being implanted.

What’s real?

She shook her head, feeling the headache coming on. She quickly typed in two more names, dumped all of the files to the minicomputer and went back to the lab. Luckily, neither the Turks nor the SOLDIERs were back. She had time to think.

An experiment. She was a woman from the past. A woman who had once fought for the truth, only to have that truth taken away. An experiment, one of Hojo’s pet projects. And her co-workers, also experiments. She looked closely at the data she’d found.

The cataclysm of the alien landing had destroyed the plate tectonics of the Earth, rearranging it. The result was the current world, but this world suddenly seemed so … alien.

Dana smiled to herself. Odd that she would choose that word. Aliens. She’d spent most of her FBI career chasing aliens, according to this. Mulder dream was that life was out there, and it was.

Jenova, Hojo’s ongoing Project. Jenova was one of them .. she remembered the black ooze and the people that fought it. The Cetra, those that Hojo wanted to do his experiments on. People like Gast’s pretty wife, Ifanlna. People that were here before humans.

Jenova was an alien, come to colonize the Earth. A group of men wanted to stop her kind from taking over. They tried to cheat death.

And lost.

She, Mulder, Morgan and that girl … Samantha. Mulder’s lost sister. The only 4 to successfully de-freeze.

No wonder…

Morgan, the eccentric computer whiz and gun freak extrodanaire. Mulder with his passion and rash impulses, always leading somehow to the answer. Scully, the rational one, the scientist. Mulder the dreamer. Morgan, the new idealist, only on the X-Files for a few days before the Project.


And suspended animation.

Mulder and Morgan had appended FBI files just like her, and now Scully remembered them. Mulder and Scully. Spooky Mulder. A team. Morgan, who wanted to be a part of it so much, and never got her chance.

She heard a commotion outside. She looked out to see Sephiroth and Audrea Morgan coming back from Wutai, looking not very happy.

Dana Scully … Special Agent Dana Scully … made a decision.

* Author’s Notes -- All of the stuff about Morgan is of course, mine. The line marked is from "Shinjitsu to Seigi no Tameni" the story that first introduces Audrea Morgan…Read it if you really want to see what she was really like, in her "past life."

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