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Those Chosen By The Planet

By Kathryn

Chapter 6

Dana rifled through the assorted papers she’d assembled, a report on the rock. She sipped from a cup of bad coffee from the Airship, he third this morning. All night her sleep was pervaded by that same voice, speaking of remembering and of trust. After 8 hours of tossing, turning and almost sleeping she was still tired, and found it hard to concentrate on the data in front of her.

She sat up when she reached the first set of number. She checked the rest of the data in the series carefully. Apparently this was some sort of very powerful Materia, and there should have been no reason why anyone couldn't use it. In fact, she could feel it warm and watch it glow in her hand.

Dana looked up from her papers to see her two Turk bodyguards enter. Fox looked at her. "We’ve been asked to go do a little scouting. Will you be okay here?"

""I’ll be fine," Dana replied. Suddenly she stopped reading and looked at him. His voice … It was the one from her dream. She stared at him intently. There was something very familiar about him.

"Are you sure?" He asked. Damn why was she staring at him like that? But then again, there was something familiar about this scientist. As if it was all right for her to be staring at him.

"Fine. I’ll be Fine." The Turks left for Wutai.

Pushing the Materia data aside, Dana reached for her portable computer. She needed a link to the HQ mainframe, and unfortunately there was only one place out there to get that. She headed for the Airship. Once there, she entered the bridge and spoke to the communications officer.

"Can you get me a datalink to HQ? I need to …check… a few things.’"

"Sure thing. You can plug in down in the operations room."

Once in the operations room, Dana looked at the small screen.

] Search Database: Personnel

Enter search name:

]Dana Scully

The file came up

Scully, Dana Katherine

Assigned: Shinra Research

Other details: Classified. Alpha level clearance required.

What? Why would her file need Alpha level clearance. As far as she knew, Sephiroth’s file was the only one under that classification. Everyone at Shinra knew that. But why her too?

Professor Gast and Professor Hojo were the only ones that had Alpha Clearance. What was going on here?

] New search

Search ready

]Morgan, Commander Audrea

Morgan, Audrea Rochelle, Commander, SOLDIER First Class

Assigned: Shinra Military. Wutai.

Other details: Classified. Alpha level clearance required.


]New search

Search ready


Extinct animals

Shinra Personnel file: Fox Mulder

]Display Personnel file: Fox Mulder

Mulder, Fox William

Assigned: Turk Division, Shinra Defense Department

Other details: Classified. Alpha level clearance required.

Dana looked at the words on the screen as the realization sunk in. Why don’t I have access to my own life? Why is my past classified. I can remember it. Going to school in Midgar. Wanting to help Shinra make the world a better place.

Dana knew some of the passcodes for Alpha, from working with Gast. If she used them, and someone didn’t like what she found, she could easily be traced. She weighed the risks. Then, Dana remembered the voice in her dreams.

Fox’s voice,

Truth … remember the truth…

She typed in the first passcode.

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