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Those Chosen By The Planet

By Kathryn

Chapter 5

The next morning, Audrea arose at dawn, as she always did. She picked up her katana, her favored weapon, and went outside to stretch and run through some exercises before she accompanied Sephiroth to Wutai proper. She sat on the ground, stretching, feeling the kinks work out of her back. This sleeping in the field shit did no one any good.

Audrea stood, picking up the sword she used, her Katana, much lighter and faster than the standard SOLDIER blade. She began a kata, silver and colored orbs glinting in the morning light.

Sephiroth noticed something out of the corner of his eye. He turned, and looked on as Audrea went through her morning exercises. She was good, very good. He recalled what he had read in her personnel file. The first female SOLDIER First Class, she had created quite a stir when Hojo chose her to undergo Mako therapy. Audrea was the first female to survive. And Sephiroth could see why. He could also see why she had risen in ranks to the commander of this battalion. Quite a feat. Almost as good as rising to General in a short time.

Beyond that, everything about her was classified. Just like his file.

Audrea finished the exercise, and noticed her audience of one. She started. "Sir. Good Morning."

"Hmm. Very interesting. Perhaps you’ll show me that exercise some time."

"Well, no time like the present."

"Ahh. Very good. I like an officer who manages time well." He pulled out Masamune, the six-foot blade shining in the morning sun. "I’m ready."

"Uhmm…Okay…" Usually it took quite a while to teach someone one of theses katas, but oh well. When Sephiroth asks you something you don’t say no. Who could say no to you? Audrea cut that thought off, and began.

Sephiroth having watched her closely before and found it easy to follow her. When they were done, he looked into her eyes.

"That … was … very good Sir." Audrea looked up and realized she was staring into Sephiroth’s eyes. "If you’ll excuse me, sir."

"Of course. It was a privilege."

"Likewise," Audrea escaped into her quarters. Once inside, she looked in the mirror at her reflection. Damn. You like him. Admit it. He’s gorgeous, perfect, a great fighter…

Audrea shook her head and brushed her hair violently, angry at her own reaction. No, she shouldn’t be feeling this way. Not about her superior. Falling for him would do her career no good. Audrea glared at her own reflection.


Your Superior…




Audrea realized that her hair was starting to fluff out from the static, and quickly braided it. Pushing her thoughts out of her head, she finished dressing and went to accompany Sephiroth to Wutai.

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