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Those Chosen By The Planet

By Kathryn

Chapter 4

Inside the dingy lab, Dana looked at the orb in her hands. The two men flanking her had made her uncomfortable, and she had been glad when they had decided to stay outside.

She shuddered. Sephiroth made her very distinctly uncomfortable. He didn’t seem like Lucreicia’s son at all.

And Commander Morgan. There was something so familiar about her, as there was about one of the men that followed her. The one with short dark hair, Fox. Dana felt like she should have known them from somewhere. As if they’d been friends somewhere before.

She turned on the light and began to analyze the Materia orb, hoping she could figure it out here. Sephiroth had seemed very interested in the orb, and Dana was not sure how happy he’d be, if it needed to go back to Midgar.

Outside lab, the two Turks waited. "So we here just to play guard duty to a scientist and a rock?" Fox asked pulling at his tie.

His buddy Tseng sighed. "Don’t know. I think the great Sephiroth has something in store for us. Hope so."

"Great." Fox twitched slightly. He felt he beginnings of another one of his spells. The voices, cacophonous, screaming, filled his head and he reached for the suppressant.

"What’s that?" Tseng asked.

"I gotta headache. Must be from the flying." He took two of the pills and sighed as they took effect.

"You okay buddy? You look like the walking dead."

"Yeah Tseng. I’m fine.

Tseng shrugged and looked away from his buddy. Poor guy.

* * *


The voice…

She was in a gray fog. All around her she could hear that voice, tantalizingly familiar.

Trust… you’re the only one I trust.

Who are you?

Remember… and believe. You have to believe. Scully.

Why are you calling me by my last name?

I’m a friend. Please…remember. You can’t quit. I need you on this one, Scully.

* * *

She awoke with a start. That voice again. It had pervaded her dreams ever since that last experiment with Professor Gast. She looked over at the machine. The small screen was starting to spit out data. Scully keyed the machine to dump it to hard copy and went outside for a breath of air.

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