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Those Chosen By The Planet

By Kathryn

Chapter 3

She looked up at the approaching airship, glowing eyes squinting against the noonday sun and muttered. "Great job, Assholes. Let’s just LET Godo know where we are. The rock’s not that important."

The mighty Airship landed and various figures began to disembark. First came a young woman with red hair and a briefcase, wearing a lab coat. Two men in blue suits flanked her. "Great. Turks." She sighed inwardly. Of course, HQ couldn’t just send the scientist out here to the "front." The commander stepped forward. "Ma’am, I’m – " Her introduction was cut short as another figure emerged from the airship. Sliver hair, green eyes and a cold expression. The commander gasped.

Sephiroth looked her over. "Sir!" She said, snapping off a salute.

He regarded her. "Relax Commander Morgan. We have much to discuss."


My God, he’s gorgeous.

Insider Audrea’s makeshift office, she sat behind an equally makeshift desk cluttered with maps and other papers. Sephiroth occupied the other chair in the room, and the scientist and the suits stood around nervously. "Commander." Sephiroth began. "You said that you had something important to show us?"

"Yes, Sir." She reached down and unlocked a safe hidden beneath her desk. She pulled out a red orb and set it on the desk. "It’s some kind of Materia I think. But it seems to be inert. You can’t feel anything when you pick it up. Not like other Materia."

Sephiroth nodded. "Interesting. Dr. Scully?"

The scientist picked up the orb. "I’ll have to analyze it. We have limited facilities aboard the airship but they may work."

"We have a medical lab here, just no one qualified to do this kind of research. I can have someone show you to the lab. Ask my clerk, he’ll show you." Audrea said curtly.

"All right." Dana picked up the orb, and left, flanked by her two Turk bodyguards. Audrea looked at Sephiroth.

"Don’t like scientists?"

"Frankly sir, not much."

Sephiroth looked her over. "They are not like us, true, but always remember, commander, it was science that made us what we are."

"Sir, I assume you’re here for more than looking at rocks." Audrea quickly changed the subject.

"Yes. We don’t have time to continue this petty conflict with this backward place. Shinra wants this resolved. Now."

"I agree. Do you have a plan, Sir?"

"Yes. We have, as you saw, two Turks at our disposal."

"Suits? What in hell for?" Audrea hated Turks. Slimy sneaky bastards.

"My plan is this," Sephiroth continued, ignoring her outburst. He himself was non-too fond of the Turks either. "We are going to offer to negotiate with Kisiragi once more. While we are doing this, the Turks will go in and assess Wutai's forces. We will then call for enough troops and crush Godo and his pathetic town."

"All right, sir."

Sephiroth reclined in his chair. "You, as the commander of this battalion, have the most contact with Wutai. Therefor you will tell me what you know, and I will dispatch a messenger to Wutai to convey our…respects…to Lord Kisaragi."

"Agreed." She reached for a map and began to diagram statistics.

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