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Those Chosen By The Planet

By Kathryn

Chapter 2

The man crept silently through the reactor. Shinra HQ had reports of vagrants hiding in the reactor. His hand curled around the grip of his pistol. "Sanction with extreme prejudice" orders had read. He smiled to himself. Turks were always professional, but this was too much. He’d have to find a way to make this one fun.

He crept through the reactor, listening. He heard voices.

"I remember when…"

"It was like this … "

Old men, sharing memories. He looked around the corner to see the ancient men huddled around a mako pipe for warmth. "And everyone had a say in running the world. None of this corporate bullshit."


He raised the gun to fire.

Then, the voices came. It was the sound of the worst kind of agony, the sound of life being ripped away. He heard it more often now, whenever he was near one of these reactors. He sank to the ground, holstering his pistol. His knees snapped and the two men looked around, startled. The men gathered their things and fled the reactor.

The man in blue reached into his suit coat pocket and withdrew a bottle of pills. He took two and after a few minutes the sound started to fade. His PHS rang.


"You done yet?"

The man looked around. The vagrants had fled the reactor upon hearing him. Not exactly a perfect job, but the reactor was secure. "Yes sir."

"Good. Get your butt back to HQ. You’re being sent to Wutai. We’ve had a request for some scientists and we need you and Tseng to go along as backup." He registered the voice as that of Colonial Heidigger, the man in charge of the Turks. "The airship leaves at dawn. Be ready Fox. Or else." Heidigger closed the connection.

Great, Just great.

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