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Those Chosen By The Planet

By Kathryn

Chapter 18

Sephiroth looked at the body lying on the stretcher. He was supposed to put Audrea’s body in the Mako furnace, but somehow he just couldn’t. She was dressed in her full SOLDIER outfit, but she looked peaceful. Almost happy.

He picked up her body, considering the reactor. If he threw her in the Mako pit, no one would be the wiser, and Sephiroth wouldn’t have to think of her burning in the furnace.

"I’ll miss you," he told her, as he watched her body fall into the Mako, and sink out of sight. Sephiroth wiped the tears from his eyes, and left her, finally at peace.

"So .. now what Scully?" Mulder and Scully were locked in the detention area of the HQ building, in separate cells. Word of Morgan’s suicide had traveled through the building fast. "Think they’ll blame us?"

"I think you can answer that question yourself, Mulder." Scully stopped talking as footsteps approached the cell bay. Her cell door opened to reveal Professor Gast. He made a motion for Scully to stay quiet. "Come on." He whispered, unlocking Mulder’s cell. The scientist led them to a back corridor and a door marked "Stairs" They went out onto the stairwell. Gast looked at them. "We have to go. Ifalana is … pregnant. Hojo’s going to want the baby, so we’re getting out of here. You’re welcome to come with us. Sephiroth wants to make it look like you killed Audrea, so you might not want to stay."

Mulder nodded. "We weren’t keen on staying anyway. Thank you, Professor."

Scully gave Gast a hug. "Give my best to Ifalna."

"I will. And good luck. Get out of this city. They might not be able to find you."

"We will. Thank you." The two agents descended the stairs and found themselves in the Midgar streets. "Where do we go from here?" Scully wondered.

"Wherever we want, Scully. We’re free."

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