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Those Chosen By The Planet

By Kathryn

Chapter 14

"Oww..Ouch! Jenna that hurt!"

"You’re in SOLDIER. Suck it up. Remember, Audrea this was your idea." It was 8 PM, and the Shinra reception was to start at 9. Audrea looked in the mirror, prompting Jenna to throw a blanket over it. "No looking in the mirror till you’re done!"

Audrea groaned. True, this was her idea. After a day of military debriefing, and trying to keep all of her body parts to herself, she’d come home to discover she had nothing to wear to this reception. She’d called Jenna, who came over, and promptly hauled her out the door to go shopping. Jenna, had also decided to do Audrea’s hair and nails. The two women had spent the day eating pizza and watching the Midgar News Network, with Jenna making fun of Audrea every time she came on the screen.

"So who’re you trying to impress? President Shinra’s kid .. what’s his name .. Rufus? I bet he’d go for you" Jenna remarked, pulling more curlers out of Audrea’s hair.

"Eeew. I’m not trying to impress anyone…I just thought it would be good to look nice for this…" Audrea lied. Damn straight she was trying to impress someone. No way she was going to tell Jenna who though.

"Come on, tell me." Jenna was finished with her hair and had moved on the makeup. "I can’t do anything with your eyes … you firefly," she complained while putting Audrea’s makeup on. "There. Now put your dress on. I want to see how you look."

"Can I look in the mirror then?"

"Yes. Now go."

Audrea slipped into the black dress. It had a very low neckline, accentuated by a jeweled accent that functioned as a necklace, straps and belt. Jenna had found earrings to match, and Audrea put those on as well. When she came out, Jenna looked her over critically. "You…look really good." Audrea sat on the bed to put her shoes on. She wobbled in the heels before regaining her balance. Jenna pulled the blanket of the mirror. "Welcome to the ball, Cinderella."

Audrea looked at herself in the mirror, and almost didn’t recognize herself. She looked like a completely different person. Jenna had pulled her bangs and some hair back into a delicate knot, leaving the rest to flow down her back. The dress showed off her muscled figure, as well as her tanned shoulders. "Are you sure?"

"You look great. Now if you don’t leave pretty quick you’re gonna be late." Audrea grabbed her car keys and headed for the door. "Need a ride?"

"Not with you. Don’t go getting in a wreck and messing up all my hard work." Audrea climbed into her little black car. "And good luck!" Jenna called as Audrea sped away.

Mulder and Scully crawled through the ventilation ducts of Audrea’s building. Mulder found a vent, and watched her leave. Now they just had to wait.

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