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Those Chosen By The Planet

By Kathryn

Chapter 13

Mulder and Scully surveyed their new surroundings – the Midgar section 7 slums. "No place like home, eh Scully? Just like our hole in the basement!"

"At least your hole in the basement had heat." Scully shivered. "And power."

"Not a problem. I already arranged for us to get hooked up. People take care of each other in the slums. At least you’re not immediately recognizable." Mulder knew that when the Shinra decided they were worth it, there would be releases out. Mulder was known, having been a Turk. Since Scully was a lab rat, she was not as easily identifiable as a renegade Shinra employee.

"Are you sure this is a good idea, Mulder? Shouldn’t we be outside the city?"

"What good would that do? We have to be here so that we can try and save Morgan … and my sister." Mulder hadn’t yet told Scully that he wanted to try and find out why his sister was taken. There had to be records on Samantha, Just like there were records on them. Scully wasn’t so sure. She just wanted to get away from the Shinra and start a new life … with or without Mulder.

Mulder pulled out a large bag. "Well, in my travels, I got us a few things." Mulder pulled out two pistols, pistols that almost resembled the auto pistols they were used to. "I got us weapons that couldn’t be traced back to the company. And I got this, for Morgan." Mulder pulled out a dart gun. "You think you can whip up some sort of tranquilizer that’ll knock her out?"

"Mulder what are you thinking?"

"The reception is tonight. After that, she’ll have a few days off. I thought maybe she could spend them with us."

Scully looked dubiously at Mulder. "Are you kidding? She’ll turn us in before she comes with us."

"That’s what the drugs are for. Tell me what you need and I’ll try and get it."

Scully sighed and got to work, thinking of all the drugs she could remember, and what might work on an enhanced human being.

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