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Those Chosen By The Planet

By Kathryn

Chapter 12

Audrea sat back in her chair, relaxing for the first time in days. She peeled her black gloves off and sat back in her chair, resting her feet on the desk. The war was over. Immediately after the battle, Audrea and Sephiroth had gone to Wutai. Godo was shocked, to say the least. Sephiroth dictated his terms of surrender – that Wutai be made into nothing more than a resort and that they not compete with the Shinra.

Godo agreed. What else could he do? Audrea was quick to point out, during Godo’s last stand, that the canon could hit Wutai as easily as it hit the battlefield. Faced with that possibility, Godo had no choice.

And now, Audrea could hear the troops celebrating outside. Looking over her desk, she noticed a piece of paper that hadn’t been there when she left. She picked it up. On it was written a note.

Let’s finish what we started. You know where to find me.

Audrea smiled. Yes, the celebration was off to a rousing start.

Scully looked around at the festivities. Most of troops were concerned with getting drunk. Some were chasing the few females around the camp. Two or three of them had already propositioned Scully. Mulder stepped up to her. "I just heard. We’re both going back tomorrow on the Airship. The good news is Morgan is going with us. The bad news is, so is Sephiroth."

"Why is that bad?"

"Haven you noticed how she looks at him? Morgan has a crush on him. You’re a woman, can’t you see that?" Mulder asked.

"I seem to remember her really never caring about men. All she ever seemed to care about was video games and the Bureau. Like an overgrown college student or something. She’s really changed Mulder. What if we can’t reach her? Should we even try?"

"What do you think, Scully? I like to think she would do the same for us, if she was in our position." Mulder looked at Scully. "We have to try. We’ll get her back, somehow."

Tseng came up and pounded Mulder on the back. "Hey, Fox, come on, let’s go get a drink before the good stuff’s gone. Come on, man!" Mulder shrugged to Scully and let Tseng lead him away.

Audrea and Sephiroth sat on the rock overlooking the ocean. "I hear Shinra’s already planning your party. I talked to President Shinra already."

Sephiroth sighed. "Yes, they want to hold a reception in my honor, or something. Did they invite you?"

Audrea nodded. "Of course." She looked out over the sea, and the moonlight reflecting off it. "Why?"

Sephiroth didn’t answer. He took her hand in his own and pulled her over to him, looking into her eyes. "Now, where were we before we were interrupted by the war?" Sephiroth asked, bending over to kiss Audrea.

"We were down there…"Audrea pointed toward the water.

"Why yes. So we were." Sephiroth picked her up and carried her over to the edge.

"Hey wait a minute!" He dropped her off the cliff. Audrea hit the water with a loud splash. Once under the water she grabbed a weed on the bottom and waited.

Sephiroth watched, worried because Audrea hadn’t come up right away. He followed her off the cliff, looking around for her.

Once she saw Sephiroth’s feet under the water, Audrea thought of the perfect revenge. Silently, she swam over, grabbed his ankle and pulled. He shot under the water, turning to look at her. They broke the surface.

"I suppose I deserved that," Sephiroth said. He reached over to Audrea and pulled her close.

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