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Those Chosen By The Planet

By Kathryn

Chapter 11

Audrea raced back toward the base, arriving there in record time. Her second came dashing up to her. "Commander, the Wutai army in on the move. We estimate that they’ll be here in under an hour!" He handed her a radio headset and a black roll of fabric. Audrea put on the headset.

"I know. Where’s the general?"

"I am here." Sephiroth came up behind her. "And this is my plan." Sephiroth began to outline his strategy.

Inside the lab, Scully and Mulder raced to find somewhere to hide. Mulder looked at her. "We have to act like nothing’s happened. I’m going to try and stay here and pretend to be your bodyguard. When we get back to Midgar we’ll find somewhere to go and decide what to do about Morgan and whatever." Scully had told him the whole story about her confrontation with Morgan. As far as Mulder could figure, the Mako therapy she’d undergone was affecting her ability to remember. They just had to get her alone and talk to her. But right now, they had to survive the next few hours, as the Wutai army came down for one last strike against the Shinra forces.

Audrea nodded when the General was done. "All right." She turned to her second. "You heard the general. Get everyone in position. And get another radio."

As the second raced off to spread the word, Sephiroth looked at Audrea. "Are you ready for this?"

"Do I have a choice … Sir?" Audrea replied, puling on the black gloves. Sephiroth looked at what she was holding. Which looked to be two myrthril balls held together by elastic. He looked at her strangely, asking the question with his quizzical expression. In reply, Audrea pulled the end of her braid forward and attached it, wrapping the metal balls around the end of the braid.

He nodded, understanding. Their eyes met briefly. It was going to be a long rest of the day.

The Shinra forces were mobilized in record time, and readied to face the oncoming army. Audrea and Sephiroth, standing on a small rise, looked out over the troops. "You sure this is going to work?" Even after Sephiroth had explained his plan, she was still dubious about the while thing.

"Of course." They waited for the battle to begin.

Mulder and Scully watched the troops and vehicles go by, huddled in the lab. Tseng came in to join them. "Mind if I hide out here too?"

"Sure thing. Pull up a patch of floor." Mulder gestured to the floor around them. "What’s going on?"

"I don’t know. Supposedly our fearless General Sephiroth has some sort of plan that will ‘bring Wutai to its knees’ or some such BS. Frankly I don’t know what’s going to stop that army." Tseng looked at Mulder. "You feeling okay? You look … different."

"I’m okay ... maybe just a little keyed up about this?"

Tseng nodded. No kidding.

Audrea gave her troops the order to attack. The Shinra army met the Wutai forces head on. The much larger Wutai force almost immediately overran the Shinra army. Audrea looked at Sephiroth. "I hope you’re right."

"Of course it will work." Audrea nodded the nod of the unconvinced, and joined the battle. She was immediately set upon by no less than 5 Wutai troops. She drew her sword and began to slice at them.

Sephiroth was also immediately overrun. Apparently the Wutai forces were well trained as they seemed to know what targets to go for. He easily slashed the offending attackers, who were no match for his Masamune blade.

Audrea looked at the 5 approaching Wutai troops. She pulled out her Katana and readied herself for the charge. All five of them jumped on her at once. She sliced into one of them with her sword, kicked backward into another one, and groaned as a third slammed a fist into her chest. She gasped, dropping her sword, feeling the anger.

She reached toward the heavens and saw red. She felt the lighting channel into her body. "Nova!" She screamed, using her arms to push the lighting out around her. The lightening shot out in a circle around her body, effectively knocking out the 5 men around her, and a few more on the outskirts. She picked up her sword and went to find another target.

Sephiroth watched Audrea’s limit flash. She was an incredibly powerful fighter as well. He looked out over the battlefield. Audrea fought her way over to him. "If you have a plan, sir I respectfully suggest that you use it!" She fought off two more attackers.

Sephiroth nodded. "Cover me." He began speaking into the radio. Audrea managed to keep the Wuati forces away from him, with her sword, her fists, and amazingly, her hair. Sephiroth realized what the metal balls on the end were for. She turned her head hard, and the metal balls whacked the unsuspecting target wherever, usually the head. Sephiroth watched as he called the Airship to get patched through to Junon.

"Fire the cannon!" He looked at Audrea. "Tell everyone to get down." Audrea nodded, realizing. She’d heard about the construction of the Sister Ray at Junon, but she was surprised that it was done. She gave the order over the radio.

The canon’s round came flying across the landscape. Audrea could see it miles away, and so could the Wutai troops, who were effectively frozen with fear. Audrea dropped to the ground as the giant round impacted in the middle of the battlefield, sending dirt, rock, and bodies everywhere.

The Wutai troops broke and ran for town.

Audrea looked at Sephiroth. He nodded to her. The questions were already coming over the radio. Audrea pulled the earpiece out and left the headset hanging around her neck. "Very nice. When did we finish that?"

"A few days ago. Why do you think I was sent here?" He looked her over, realizing his own appearance must mirror hers. They were both a sight from the battle. "Get cleaned up. We’re going to go talk to Godo."

"Yes, sir!"

Inside the lab, Mulder, Scully, and Tseng heard the cannon impact. "Wow! That’s a beauty!" Tseng exclaimed, watching the carnage.

Scully remembered reading reports of the giant cannon at Junon, and how it was going to be the key to winning the war. Now she realized why Sephiroth was here.

Mulder looked at Tseng. "You think it’s over?"

"I’d bet my next paycheck on it. Sephiroth’s probably on his way to Wutai now to hear Godo’s surrender."

Scully didn’t think Godo Kisaragi would surrender that easily. But this would be interesting. She did hope the war was over, if only so that she and Mulder could get back to Midgar and solve the Morgan problem.

And decide what to do with their new lives

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