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Those Chosen By The Planet

By Kathryn

Chapter 10

Scully waited for the Turks to get back. Her confrontation with Morgan had not gone well at all, and she could only hope that Mulder would be more receptive. She heard the two men outside. Mulder came into the lab. "Any progress?"

"Nope … Can I talk to you though?"

He looked at her. Great looking redhead... you can talk to me about anything. Where did that come from? "What’s on your mind?"

"Did you ever feel like… like you’ve know someone before but didn’t know why?"

Fox looked at the doctor. No way she could have known how I feel. "Sure. Sometimes. Why?"

Scully opened the computer, this time on Mulder’s file. "I think this will answer that."

Fox reached over, grabbed the computer, and began reading. He read the long file over several times, not believing it at first. Then, he looked at Dr. Scully…Scully…Scully…

Fox…Help me Fox…


Frozen with fear

A father with a secret job, his friend that smoked all the time…

A basement office.

Time loss

Deep Throat … a hanger in Idaho…

A boxcar, buried in the desert…charred bodies

"Files. Lots and Lots of Files."

Clones of his sister. Young and old.

An almost-kiss in a hallway, and a chase through an alien ship.

"We are close on this one Scully."

Bees, a crazy old doctor.

A charred office. Loss. Empty.

The Project…The Syndicate…His father… His sister…

Frozen in time…

A lab at Shinra…

Special Agent Fox Mulder.

The X-Files. His life’s work.

"Scully! What’s going on!" Memories... and his headache was gone.

"Keep you voice down."

"Why – What – How!"

"Mulder we’ve been experimented on. You were right, damn you. Jenova, Mako, Shinra – from my research it all leads back to the Syndicate."

Mulder looked at the files. So much made sense now … his headaches were his subconscious trying to reach him. His sparse memory of his own past.

"Now what, Scully? And do you have any sunflower seeds … damn I bet they don’t even exist anymore."

Scully laughed. Mulder was most definitely back. She reached out to hug him, and the ground trembled. "What was that?" The two restored agents simultaneously dashed for the lab window to see the Wutai army coming over the hill.

"Oh, Shit."

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