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Those Chosen By The Planet

By Kathryn

Chapter 1

<Many Years Later>

Dana walked down the stark corridor of the Shinra research facility, headed to her cubicle. If she hurried, she could catch the early train back to Sector 3.

Once inside her small space, she gathered the papers and files she would need tonight. There were always reports to write. Her eyes fell on a picture on her desk. Dana and Lucrecia, one of her co-workers, on a rare day outside Midgar. Scully sighed. Lucrecia had always been the bright, cheerful member of their workgroup. Scully thought back…

"Dana you’ll never believe it!"


"I’m going to have a baby!"

"Lu that’s wonderful! Who’s…"

"The lucky dad? You promise not to tell anyone?"


"Professor Hojo."

"Wow. It’ll be smart for sure!"


As her pregnancy progressed, though, Lucrecia had become more and more withdrawn, not wanting to talk to anyone, even Dana. Dana suspected that Lucrecia had done something to the child, especially after She was transferred to the Nibelheim research facility. Her e-mails had become shorter and shorter, finally not coming at all. After her son was born, Dana had heard that Lucrecia had died in childbirth, and Hojo had the baby, Sephiroth here in the Shinra building.


Dana sighed, returning to the present. Sephiroth was now a promising young officer in the Shinra army, in charge of the upcoming assault on Wutai, Midgar’s competing city. She liked to think Lucrecia would have been proud of her son, but something didn’t sit right with Dana still about the whole business.

Her reverie was interrupted by footsteps outside the cubicle. Dana looked up to see Professor Gast, the head of the facility. "Dana… would you mind working a little late tonight? I’ve been given another specimen to take a look at."

Dana sighed. So much for the early train. "Of course." She ran a hand through bright red hair.

"Excellent. This shouldn’t take long I promise." The two scientists rode up the elevator to the research room in silence. Once there, Dana took her place at the control panel while Professor Gast touched the intercom control. "Send it up." He turned to Dana. "This was just sent to us from an ‘anonymous source’ and I don’t know much about it. It looks human but…"He trailed off as the specimen became visible in the glass cage. A young girl, about 11 or12, with wide brown eyes and brown pigtails. She was dressed strangely.

Dana looked at the girl. Suddenly she was overcome by an incredible sense of déjà vu. She had seen this child somewhere before. She was still thinking about it as she turned the dials to adjust the mako spray into the chamber, and took recordings for Gast.

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