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Age: Unknown

Job: Toysaurs

Height: 3'2"

Weapon: Megaphone

Birthday: Unknown

Birthplace: Unknown

Blood Type: Unknown



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Possibly the strangest character in your party, you meet Cait Sith on your first visit to the Gold Saucer.  After telling your fortune he'll want to join you.  Cait Sith (and I think it's pronounced "Kah-Shee") is a mechanical cat riding on a stuffed Mog.  But the machinery hides a secret.  Someone from Shin-Ra is controlling this machine, and creates no end of troubles for your party.  His fortunes are pretty bad most of the time, and he's really obnoxious.  Not to mention, like I said, a pain.

I hardly ever used Cait Sith.  There are about two points in the game where you are forced to, so it's a good idea to get him at least one good weapon.  After you beat the game, he's fun to goof around with.  I did get Slots, his second Limit break, just to play with.  Cait Sith is pretty weak, and his Slots limit is really unpredictable (It has a chance to wipe YOU out too.)  Not my favorite character in combat but fairly important to the storyline.   


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