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Age: 35

Job: Leader of AVELANCHE

Height: 6'4

Weapon: Gun-Arm

Birthday: December 15

Birthplace: Corel Village

Blood Type: O



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Barret is the man who started AVALANCHE after his hometown of Corel was destroyed by the Shin-Ra.  There was a reactor in his hometown, that he pushed for, and when there was trouble, Shin-Ra blamed the town.  Because of  what happened that day, Barrret holds extreme contempt for anything having to do with Shin-Ra.  When he came to Midgar, he started a terrorist group under the auspices of  saving the Planet.   Really, the just like to make trouble for the Shin-Ra corporation. His daughter Marlene is the most important thing in his life, and he will do just about anything for her. 

I didn't use Barret a lot in my game, but there are a few times when you have to use him.  If you want to date Yuffie you HAVE to use him for a while.  His gun-arm is cool cause you can put him in the back row and do the same damage with a lot of his weapons, but not all of them.  You have to pay attention.  His Missing Score does damage based on the level of Materia on it, so give him all you Master level magic and it will do massive damage.   


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