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Age: 22

Job: Flower Merchant

Height: 5'3

Weapon: Staff

Birthday: February 7

Birthplace: unknown, possibly Icicle Village

Blood Type: O


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The mysterious Midgar Flower Girl, Aeris is the first character you see in the game.   Note I said SEE not PLAY.  In Japan her name was Aerith.

Aeris's history is long and when you meet her she seem shy, demure  and unable to fight.  However, as you progress through the game, you see that Cloud develops feelings for Aeris, and since Tifa has feelings for Cloud, a love triangle ensues. Aeris's past is dark.  Her real mother was killed many years ago, and her foster mother Elmyra raised her, protecting her from the Shin-Ra corporation, who plague her every move. Aeris joins you after you save her from Shin-Ra, and is an integral part of your quest.

Aeris may not be the best fighter, but her healing abilities more than make up for this.   All of her limit breaks are beneficial to your party, either healing, casting status ailments on enemies, or making you invincible, in the case of Great Gospel, which you CAN get before...well.  I won't spoil it for you.  Aeris is your default date at the Gold Saucer, and I suggest you date her the first time you play if possible, because what she says on the date is pretty important to the story.       


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